System Integration

Accounting systems

Left Foot Software seamlessly integrates with the most popular accounting software for small businesses, QuickBooks. Manage the complexities of Footware and Apparel Left Foot Software while retaining all the and booking keeping and Accounting feature of QuickBooks. Mobile Sales App Generate line sheets, place orders, view availability, see customers statitistics on your iPad.


Integrated EDI eliminates both double entry of POs and manually entry of ASN and Invoices into a separate web portal.


For factored businessess let Left Foot Software connect to your factor to automate credit decisions and assignments.

Shopping carts

Integrate with popular online shopping cart software

Third-party warehouses

Left Software has built in pick and pack, and and scanned receiving and is suitable for small warehouse operations. Left Foot can also be integrated with 3rd party warehouses (see list of currently integrated warehouse partners).

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