3rd Party Warehouse Interface

Connect with state-of-the-art 3rd party warehouses with real-time inventory management systems and years of experience in the footwear and apparel industry.

Available To Sell Reporting

Clear visibility of what is available and when.

Commission Reports

Track commissions for sales people and show rooms.

Drop Ship

Participating in a drop ship program with your retailers is an easy way to identify your end customers for targeted marketing.

Additionally, the ability to "drop ship" directly to the consumers is becoming a requirement for more and more retailers with eCommerce web sites. Left Foot software is the clear choice for Drop Ship programs. Inventory can be reserved exclusively for a drop ship program or shared between multiple retailers.

ECommerce Solutions

Integrate with may popular shopping carts including Yahoo Stores, Shopify, Interspire, Product Cart, Volusion and more.

Factor Integration

Enable factor integration to automatically submits order for approval, receive credit decisions, and sends daily invoicing assignments to your factor.

Factory ASNs

For non-prepacked products, this feature simplifies, expedites, and minimizes receiving costs at your warehouse.

Integrated EDI

Left Foot integrates to major retailers through SPS Commerce.

Inventory Tracking

Get fully audited inventory tracking. Always know who changed inventory, when and why.

Line Sheets

Produce custom line sheets in either PDF or excel formats, with or without pictures, product availability, pre pack definitions, delivery window, NRF codes, silhouette, or pricing.

Mobile Sales Solution

Keep you sales team up to date with the latest line sheet and availability. Allow the sales team and show room to enter orders directly on their iPad to eliminate double entry ensure accuracy.

Multi Language

Content is available in English, Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish. More languages to come!

NRF Size and Color Compliance

Functionality to make assigning NRF's to sizes and colors fool proof.

Order Management

Easy to navigate data entry screens. Visibility of orders entered, allocated, shipped, and cancelled with filters to isolate specific dates, a salesperson or sales group, brand, division, season, or style. Configurable two-step acknowledgement process to double check non-EDI order entry.

Pre-packs; Solid Packs; Assortments

Built in support to accommodate any which way you want to pack and ship your product

Private Label

Able to give visibility to branded and private label inventory/orders in the same system

Production Management

• Line sheet creation
• Style and color setup
• NRF color code assignment
• Assign UPC Codes
• Catalog management

Quickbooks Integration

Quickbooks Integration allows you to synchronize customer data and invoicing between Left Foot Software and QuickBooks to reduce duplicate data entry and maintain consistency.

Store and DC Updates

Maintain compliancy with no effort on your part. Subscribe to a major retailer and Left Foot takes care of linking all stores to their DC's and updating vendor compliance information.

UCC128 Compliance Labels

Output customer compliant UCC128 labels for your major retailers every time.

UPC Labels

Output UPC labels to PDF files in multiple formats.

Warehouse Flow Through

For non-prepacked products with distr.'s (shipping to multiple locations on a single PO), this feature simplifies, expedites, and minimizes receiving and shipping costs at your warehouse through packing and labeling for your end customer.

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